Checklist to Kickstart Your Local Business's Marketing


As a new business starting out, it’s not always easy to hire a marketing team or an agency to do the work for you. This is why we created this free guide to help you tackle the first very important steps in your marketing journey. In this free guide, we'll share a checklist with resources to help you kickstart your marketing for your local business. We've included:

  • Checklists to tackle for branding, messaging, website design, social media, email marketing, and more.
  • Links to other free resources to help you leap further in your marketing
  • Bonus marketing tactics to help you get ahead of the competition

Kickstart your marketing today with this free guide.

Meet the author, Brittany Satterfield

Brittany is the owner of IMPACT Digital Marketing who has seen a lot over her 10+ years in digital marketing - personally helping business owners and leaders grow their business, from mom and pop shops to publicly owned corporations.

Brittany works with a wide variety of clients and industries, but truly loves working the most with entrepreneurs driven to grow their business. Entrepreneurship is in her blood and nothing is more thrilling to help someone else get there and succeed with their business, too!

Brittany puts her clients' best interests first by committing to being open, honest, and transparent. Open to trying new innovative techniques to always improve and get better results. Honest feedback and consulting, even if that means cutting profitable services to do what's best for the client. Brittany and her team provide detailed reporting to show that clients are getting the results they're paying for!

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